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If you are aged 8 to 14 and have an interest in music and sound, come and join us this Easter. You don’t need any experience to take part!

Together with other young people you will experiment and make sounds that can be chilled and dreamy or fast and furious.

You will be using ‘noise stations’ – hacked instruments, DIY synths, tape loops, vinyl DJ decks, scratching techniques – to compose music together and create an instant orchestra. You will also learn how to write down your compositions using drawing, colours, shapes and words to make your own musical scores.

Your personal designer will create visuals from your drawings to be projected onto the wall during a final performance at the gallery, to share your work with your friends and family.

£25 for the week.
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Cornwall Youth Noise Orchestra is an experimental music school created by Moogie Wonderland, with activities that help young people make music without needing any experience. Moogie Wonderland is a participatory arts organisation based in Cornwall, who want to enable anyone to make personal and creative breakthroughs that can shape their lives by providing environments for artistic exploration.

Cornwall Youth Noise Orchestra is suitable for all young people – including those with learning, social, or behavioural challenges or differences. But please note, there will be loud and repeated noises, which may affect some participants who would benefit from bringing a noise cancelling headphone with them.
Co Noise low