A live sharing event with artist Susan Merrick
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Impacting community with a participatory arts project - Susan Merrick

Event for artists and any­one inter­est­ed in hosting/​providing a com­mu­ni­ty based artists project.

Opening Times
14:00 – 16:00
A live sharing event with artist Susan Merrick exploring from conception to completion, the ambitious and far reaching community based project, ‘Conversations with Aldershot’.

As part of our month’s programme featuring artists and projects for International Women’s Day, we are inviting artists and those interested in how and why community based art projects come to fruition, to come and hear artist Susan Merrick talk in detail about her project. Hosted by our director, David Dixon, there will be opportunity to view the work produced and hear some of the participants share their contributions in their own words.

There will also be a Q & A as part of the session covering elements such as;

How does the seed of an idea become a fully fledged and funded participatory project?
What are the pitfalls and challenges for artists working in this area?
What can a community expect from having an artist in their midst?
How have the individuals that together make up this insightful project found their experience?
Perhaps you are an artist with an idea you would like to expand into a larger project. Perhaps you are an organisation or community group wondering what an artist’s involvement might mean for you, or perhaps you want to come and see for yourself how this innovative project, birthed in the middle of our Covid lockdown experience, has produced an insightful, unique and significant body of work, which gives voice to a community, a people and a place.

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