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CLOSE TO HOME ‘CAS in Conversation’ discussion and Q+A online with artists Debbie Lee and Katharine Fry

For Inter­na­tion­al Women’s Day dur­ing March CAS in Con­ver­sa­tion’ brings artists Deb­bie Lee and Katharine Fry togeth­er online…

As part of our offering for International Women’s Day during March a further iteration of ‘CAS in Conversation’ brings artists Debbie Lee and Katharine Fry together online to share their work and discuss what it means to hold your practice 'Close to Home’

In both instances, for quite different reasons, the artist positions herself within the artwork, and more often than not, that artwork references the home. As the subject of the male artists’ gaze for centuries, women have more often appeared historically within art as objectified forms, filling our galleries with nudes (In 1989 American activist art group Guerrilla Girls found that less than 5% of the artists in the modern art section of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art were women, but 85% of the nudes were female.)

Is it perhaps the case that today women in particular often make a considered choice to position themselves within their artwork, reclaiming that power through actively choosing how to portray themselves and their surroundings. But what does it mean for artists regardless of gender, to open up their world to the viewer? Both Debbie Lee and Katharine Fry do so in very different ways and for very different reasons, yet both reveal something intimately personal.

This discussion will look closely at their work and offer the opportunity to discuss together what it means to hold your practice , ‘Close to Home’.

This event will be taking place on Zoom and in the lead up, you will receive an email invite link to access the event.
Close to home eventbrite