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Liza Dick­son, Rame Projects Emerg­ing Cor­nish Artist End of Res­i­den­cy Shar­ing Event & Performances

Liza Dickson, Rame Projects Emerging Cornish Artist End of Residency Sharing Event & Weekend

Friday 13th Aug: 15.00 – late (with an opening performance @ 18.30)

Saturday 14th Aug: 12.00 – 20.00 (bookable performance @ 15.00 -

Sunday 15th Aug: 12.00 – 20.00 (bookable performance @ 15.00 - )

A series of quilts with an accompanying multichannel live + pre-recorded sound work taken from and inspired by ‘circumambulations’, wanderings, around and through Maker. The work will be ‘activated’ during performances.

The repetitive yet meditative labour of quilt making reflects both the regimentation of the military history and current creative abundance of Maker, a patchwork of experiences, phenomena and temporalities culminating into the present moment.

Comprised of polarities, Maker weaves itself into a place of ambiguity, a place in perpetual motion, oscillating between defence / sanctuary, industry / rest, past / present, growth / decay, natural / preternatural, from which transcendent experience may arise. Quilts are made for dreaming under; join us in this ecstatic glitch.

Liza’s practice exists as a synthesis of technological visual language and craft traditions. She predominantly makes quilts with accompanying sound installations and performance to ‘activate’ the space in which the work is held, integrating tactility and ethereality into techno-spiritual objects. For Liza, quilting is a deeply embodied, meditative, and ritualistic creative process which generates sacred objects through the labour and time put into them.

Please note that we will still be adhering to CV-19 health and safety guidelines, so please do come to see the work/performance with your mask & we would recommend that you do a lateral flow test before attending the events.