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Cathedral by Peter Stiles

Stu­dio KIND. presents Cathe­dral; a vir­tu­al exhi­bi­tion of paint­ings by Peter Stiles

15/01/21 – 06/03/21
Studio KIND. is a new contemporary gallery and project space in the heart of North Devon, and is excited to present Cathedral, an exhibition of new work by Peter Stiles, currently available as a virtual exhibition at:

On leaving the Slade, Peter Stiles began to paint the landscape of North Devon and has continued to do so. His work is constructed using the layers of memory that have accrued around the places that he has painted so often. He composes pictures in order to convey emotion and a sense of grandeur and space.

While much of his work is to do with a small section of North Devon’s coastline he also paints people, recently he began a series of paintings about football which have enabled him to tell stories. The football pictures stemmed from the memory of how, as a small boy, he was torn between loyalty to his local team and supporting a bigger more glamorous club instead. These pictures of footballers have allowed him to explore the relationship between home and a wider cultural context, and the tension between tending your own back garden and reaching out towards broader horizons.
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