Lua Ribeira Pension Galicia 2018

Bristol Photo Festival: Beyond the frame – interventions by Heather Agyepong, Jessa Fairbrother and Lua Ribeira

Artists Heather Agye­pong, Jes­sa Fair­broth­er and Lua Ribeira present new inter­ven­tions respond­ing to Bristol’s art collections.

Heather Agyepong’s performance photographs offer a postcolonial perspective on the Grand Tour paintings from the 18th century.

Jessa Fairbrother’s images are among the Pre-Raphaelite paintings and modern French art. She presents self-authored contemporary narratives alongside the historic images of women by men.

Lua Ribeira is interested in the idea of being transported – by synthetic, aesthetic or religious means. She alludes to angels and demons in her work. Her photographs, belonging to various series, will be shown amongst the angels and demons of Solario and Bellini and the abstract canvases in the galleries.

These displays are part of Bristol Photo Festival.
Lua Ribeira Pension Galicia 2018