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Biophilia - Dance Workshop

Site spe­cif­ic dance work­shop with ecol­o­gy as the pri­ma­ry resource

Opening Times
14:00 – 17:00
£5.00 - £15.00

** The venue for this workshop is TBC **
We will be in touch when the location is confirmed.

Biophilia is the second of three experiential workshops happening throughout February 2023. Each focuses on a different aspect of the moving self. Storyteller, ecosystem and social being. Participants are welcome to attend all or any of the sessions on offer.

Body Language are a dance collective that run open, integrative and somatic dance classes for people who want to explore movement in a creative, holistic and explorative way. These sessions aim to be inclusive to all abilities, ages and backgrounds. We aspire to help people celebrate and find expression through their most valuable and unique asset - the body.


More about the workshops...
Biophilia is an innate affinity for life and its living systems. This affinity is based on a drive, a thrust that human beings possess to connect or merge with all of life. It’s an imperative or a drive that’s encoded in our biology, in our body and in our soma.

In this site specific, somatic workshop, ecology is our primary resource. The cyclical rhythms of the landscape demonstrate an infinite process of life-death-rebirth. These play out as metaphors for growth, abundance, humility, surrender, chaos and transformation. When we integrate these forces within the physical self through biomimicry, listening and visualisation, we can gain deep wisdom, healing and strength.

Nature is a great strength-giver. We can rely on our plant, animal and fungi allies for so much in life. Using guided visualisation and integrative responses to the sound, sense, taste and movement of the elements around us, we will explore realms of emotion and wisdom from growth and regeneration cycles not easily accessible in our repressed societal contexts. We will inhabit our natural landscape and feel part of it, play with the movements and energies of animal intelligence and intuition to access somatic archetypes we may need to call on for strength or insight.

“We are all part of a bigger body, and that bigger body is nature herself. We are water, metal earth and air. By connecting with this larger body, we can find a life-giving support that is often neglected in our industrialized culture.” - Anna Halprin


This programme is supported by West of England Visual Arts Alliance (WEVAA) and funded by Arts Council England.