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Open Studios

Behind the Scenes Studio Visits: Plenderleith Scantlebury

Join us for an online behind the scenes stu­dio vis­it at Spike Island.

This is a chance to explore artists’ and makers’ studios, to see their working environments, their processes and works-in-progress.
In this studio visit, we meet art fabricators Plenderleith Scantlebury (Mark Plenderleith and Lisa Scantlebury) who were instrumental in producing a number of new works for Veronica Ryan’s exhibition Along a Spectrum.
They talk with exhibition curator Carmen Juliá about their practice, their process of working with artists and offer a unique glimpse into how they fabricated many of the pieces currently on display at Spike Island.
This will be followed by a Q&A with the online audience.
210526 BTS plenderleith scantlebury 1 web