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At Once and a Touch Away by Gabriela Giroletti

Stu­dio KIND. is excit­ed to present new paint­ings by Brazil­ian-born/Lon­don-based artist, Gabriela Giroletti.

Through her impasto painting style, Gabriela is developing a unique symbolic glossary, characterized by the constant tension between the pictorial and human presence - the imagined and the material. The work explores visual contemplation and the impalpable awareness of oneself, sitting between objectivity and subjectivity. Where we believe perception presents us the world as it truly is, Gabriela explores such perception as mediated by our bodily senses, and by our individual life experiences.

Deliberately ambiguous, Gabriela’s paintings jolt between their crude materiality and their metaphysical aspect, encouraging the viewer to formulate peculiar connections with our tangible surroundings, as well as unique lived experience. Her paintings are intended to continually motivate questions, and by no means offer straight-forward interpretations or solutions. She often uses the natural world and simple moments as a departure point, reinforcing the importance of everyday encounters.

Existing somewhere between abstract and figurative, painting and drawing, micro and macro, body and nature, still life and landscape, simple and complex, the work performs a push and pull game between body and mind; making and thinking.

Gabriela graduated from The Slade School of Fine Art in 2018 with an MFA in painting. Upon graduation she was awarded the Desiree Painting Prize, and recent shows include London Now in Gwacheon, South Korea, Bloomberg New Contemporaries at South London Gallery and Catamaran at Thames Side Studios Gallery, both in London. In 2018 she was the runner-up for the Chadwell Award, shortlisted for the Elephant x Griffin Prize and The Ingram Collection Purchase Prize. In 2019/2020 she had a position as Research Associate at Slade School, investigating how different grounds influence and control the conception of a painting. Gabriela most recently undertook a residency at Elephant Lab.
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