Artizan Women's Open - Exhibition Launch

Join us for the launch of our first ever, Women’s Open Exhi­bi­tion’ on Fri­day 6th October.

06/10/23 – 07/10/23
Opening Times
Sun–Thu, Closed
Friday, 18:00 – 20:00
Saturday, Closed
Whilst historically we have had all-female line-ups frequently at the gallery, this will be the first time we have curated an exhibition with this intention at the outset, and beyond this, it will be a chance to have conversations about the history of women in art and the barriers and inequalities still present today.

In reflecting on their collections, the National Gallery recognises, that in a vast 2,300 paintings spanning the 13th to early 20th century, only 21 are by women. It’s a shocking figure, and one that they use to tell a story around the “gender gap in art history”, the representation of women, and the barriers and obstacles that women faced when engaging with the art world. Today, whilst gender in itself is not a direct barrier to participation, pervasive societal inequalities that predominantly disadvantage women, continue to mean that the conversation around art and gender is of critical importance, both in relation to how women access the art world, and the role that the art they create has on the conversation.

Our launch events are a great chance to meet the artists, experience our exhibitions and enjoy a relaxed social evening in our venues, we hope to see you there.

The exhibition will then run until 28th October Tuesday - Sunday