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Arthur Lanyon 'Coda for an Obol'

Ani­ma Mun­di are proud to present Coda for an Obol’, an exis­ten­tial­ly framed, solo exhi­bi­tion of paint­ings that Arthur Lany­on has been work­ing on for

Arthur Lanyon’s ‘Coda for an Obol’ is an existentially framed and hugely ambitious solo exhibition that the artist has been working on for the past three years. The exhibition examines, through painting, a sense of deep personal purpose and the artists own sense of legacy, perhaps in natural response to the passing of his own father Matthew Lanyon (Son of internationally acclaimed artist Peter Lanyon) in 2016 and the birth of his first son during the period that the exhibition was made.

“What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning.The end is where we start from” T.S. Elliot


Arthur Lanyon paintings combine intuitive figurative motifs with an emotive, gestural, abstracted language. His energetic works are sited on a physical and metaphysical cross roads, like a belay between numerous visual and emotional pinnacles. They offer a progressive link between the outside world, the inner architecture of the brain, altered states of consciousness, memory and the unencumbered essence of child’s drawing. Lanyon is a British artist born in Leicester, England in 1985. He lives and works from a studio near Penzance, Cornwall. Born in to an artistic family, his father was the painter Matthew Lanyon and his grandfather the celebrated, influential and world renowned modernist painter Peter Lanyon. He won the Hans Brinker Painting Award in Amsterdam in 2007 and gained a first class degree in Fine Art from Cardiff University in 2008. Upon graduating he was featured in Saatchi’s ‘New Sensations’ exhibition. In 2014, his work was in the long-list for the Aesthetica Art Prize and was included in the award’s published anthology. His debut Anima Mundi solo exhibition ‘Return to Whale’ opened in 2016, which was followed by ‘White Chalk Lines in 2018. His latest exhibition ‘Arcade Laundry’ opened in 2020. Works have been exhibited extensively, notably including Untitled Art Fair in Miami; Zona Maco, Mexico City; the Saatchi Gallery London; The House of St Barnabas, London; CGK, Copenhagen; Tat Art, Barcelona and Herrick Gallery, Mayfair. Arthur Lanyon paintings are held in private collections worldwide.
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