Juneau Projects Art of the Maker 1
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Art of the Maker: Juneau Projects

Juneau Projects are invit­ed to talk about their work on the pub­lic art project for UWE’s Fren­chay Campus.

Juneau Projects specialise in collaborative public artworks, developed with and for the communities that will interact with them on a day-to-day basis.

Working across a broad range of media including sculpture, animation, print-making, performance and music, as well as public art, their practice looks at the relationship between society, culture and the natural world, bringing people together to work with them in a hands-on way.

The artist duo are currently working on a public art project for UWE’s Frenchay Campus and will take part in The Art of the Maker to chat about this and other projects they are and have been involved with.

The Art of the Maker series is a collaboration between Arnolfini and The School of Art & Design and Centre for Fine Print Research at UWE Bristol.
Juneau Projects Art of the Maker 1