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Art as Education and Education as Art

Sym­po­sium and per­for­mance by artist & PhD can­di­date, Lau­rence Dubé-Rush­by with guest speak­ers from the fields of Per­for­mance & Education

About this event
Chapel Arts Studios (CAS) is pleased to host a performance by CAS associate artist Laurence Dubé-Rushby, followed by a symposium of guest speakers and panel discussion on Zoom exploring the subject of innovative and alternative approaches to teaching and learning.
What is the event about?
The proposed topic of the day echoes the title of the performance. The presentations will aim to provide insights into one of more of the following questions:

-How can we use student-centric arts methodologies to develop young people’s agency and intrinsic motivation to explore the world as means of learning?

-How may the self-reflexive mode of performance art support the paradigm-shift of assessment and accountability in education?

-How can a creative education that stems from performative methodologies akin to participatory art, support creative learning across the curriculum?

-What are the systemic tensions attached to creative practice in education? How can these tensions be used creatively and productively at once?

The symposium and performance will be a hybrid event, in person and online and there will be a limited amount of in-person tickets for seats in The CAS Chapel.

Please consider choosing a ticket with an added charitable donation to CAS. All donations enable us to deliver exciting and engaging arts projects across Andover and the wider Hampshire area.

More information about the event:
Over the years of her PhD research study, Laurence Dubé-Rushby, visual artist, live art performer, and teacher, has trialed, shaped and written about radical and alternative ways to approach learning in young people. This symposium will bring together voices from various fields of education and art, all of whom have an interest in the potential of live art and creativity to boost and enrich the learning process.

Join us as we host a performance resulting from this research, followed by cross disciplinary presentations and a panel discussion with artists, researchers and educators all of whom are challenged by, and excited about, the potential for art to educate, and for education to become an artform.

The event will begin with a half-hour LIVE performance and continue with presentations, discussions and Q & A with the live online audience.

Please see this page for updates on a detailed program of speakers and events throughout the symposium. All attendees will be emailed with details in due course.

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Laurence symposium small size
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