ATH Double Self Portrait

Annabelle Tim Hogben: Hold Me Tight, I Speak A Different Language

An exhi­bi­tion of recent paint­ings that explore issues of rep­re­sen­ta­tion, iden­ti­ty and the self.

Exeter Phoenix Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of recent paintings by Devon-based artist Annabelle Tim Hogben that explore issues of representation, identity and the self.

This collection of large canvases are shown together here for the first time, alongside examples of a parallel drawing practice, forming Annabelle Tim’s first solo exhibition in a public gallery. They present us with a series of scaled-up representations of bodies, or body parts, that appear folded into the frame and variously twist, writhe, grasp and support, or else are overlaid in various states of hyper-representation, warped scale and abstraction. By turns stark, humorous and confrontational, they may invite us in, meet us with a direct, unflinching gaze or place us in the uncomfortable position of the voyeur.

Annabelle’s practice draws on a lifetime of working in care environments and often employs self-portraiture as a tool to avoid directly identifying individuals who are referenced in the work. In this way, the artist is able to explore vulnerability and strength, appropriation and play, performance and identity, as well as to unpack some of their own identity in order to connect to others.

This exhibition forms part of our Platform programme, which offers artists based in the South West region opportunities to test out ideas, new work and recent developments in their practice.
ATH Double Self Portrait
Drawing Painting