Anthoy Amos Trawlers Unloading


A fresh new col­lec­tion of paint­ings by Antho­ny Amos (1950 — 2010) show­ing the exten­sive range of work cre­at­ed by this tal­ent­ed artist.

This exhibition features a fresh new collection of paintings by Anthony Amos (1950 - 2010) showing the extensive range of work created by this talented artist.

From sunflowers to trawlers, from horses to hedgerows, Amos managed to capture the essence of all his subjects. You can see this particularly in the expressions on the heads of the horses as they strain and work together to pull in the heavy boat through the surf. He captured the raw energy, strength and movement in his beautiful paintings.
Anthoy Amos Trawlers Unloading