Alwynne Pritchard MONGREL

Alwynne Pritchard: MONGREL

MON­GREL by Alwynne Pritchard, col­lec­tion of short the­atri­cal pieces in which she plays mad­man, shaman, alchemist, diva and dog.

For the past seven years, Alwynne Pritchard has been commissioning and creating new works as a vocal and physical performer. The result is a collection of short theatrical pieces in which she plays madman, shaman, alchemist, diva and dog.

MONGREL – Dogs, Gods, Bitches and Demons, originally premiered at the Bergen International Festival in 2015 (as DOG/GOD I) and at Oktoberdans in Norway in 2020 (as DOG/GOD II). The series now includes works by more than twenty composers – and is continuing to expand. Alwynne has so far presented these pieces in combination with her own works at venues and festivals in Germany, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Norway, the UK and the USA. For this performance, Alwynne is returning to her home town of Bristol.
Alwynne Pritchard MONGREL
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