Affordable Art Takeover

60 arts 500+ art­works all under £30

17/12/21 – 19/12/21
Opening Times
Sunday, 10:00 – 17:00
Mon–Thu, Closed
Fri–Sat, 09:00 – 20:00
Who needs stuffy, expensive paintings anyway? This group of 60 students is giving the old guard the boot and fully taking over.

For one weekend, they will take control of the Keep Art It Gallery and everything they sell is £30 or less.

Yeah, you heard me,

Maybe it's the Christmas spirit.
Maybe it's the Covid crazy.
Maybe it's the desire to share some art.
Does it matter?
No it does not.

This is going to be interesting, strange, unique, powerful, moving, human and a damn good time.

So come on, what are you waiting for, support for god’s sake.

Write a story, share a post, do a blog, buy a bloody painting.

And yes, this is the official press release.

What: Affordable Art Takeover of Keep Art It Gallery
60+ students, all works £30 or less
Where: Keep Art It Gallery - Unit 20, Galleries Shopping Centre - BS1 3XD
1st floor between the food court and WHSmith (classy)
When: December 17th - December 19th
Hours: Friday. Saturday 9am-6pm; Sun 10am-4pm
Contact: Keep Art It - Douglas Karson - douglas@keepartit.org
@keepartit on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
Affordable Art Takeover - Teddy Glendinning - tedglendinning@gmail.com
@affordableartsbrisol on Instagram

Keep Art It Ltd
Keep Art It believes that sharing creativity makes the world a better place and has the mission to share art with as many people as possible. Founded during covid or lockdown, we are a small, devoted team, working hard to make the world a little more colourful.

Affordable Art Takeover
Affordable Arts are a DIY collective of young, emerging and student artists, fusing an uninhibited range of styles and approaches. The showcase is a welcoming platform for a wide mix of makers, and an insight for the public into grassroots minds, giving them the chance to take some of these soon-to-be relics home.