Adrian Sykes - In Tune with Life

New work by inter­na­tion­al­ly acclaimed South West painter Adri­an Sykes!

Marine House at Beer is delighted announce a new solo show by Adrian Sykes ‘In Tune with Life’. As one of our most popular and internationally in-demand artists, this is Adrian’s fourth show with Marine House at Beer.

Although Adrian works from his imagination as he creates his paintings at his Bristol studio, many of his backdrops are inspired by either the theme of Venice or the rolling hills of England. But these are not just straightforward landscapes or townscapes, once they have been breathed on by Adrian’s fertile imagination. People are heading home to isolated houses, romantic trysts take place, often via impossibly long ladders; current trends such as wild swimming make their appearance, and busy happy scenes, in a park in a mill town, almost Lowry-esque in style, are explored.

Adrian uses bold and warm oil colours applied liberally and in depth as he reveals his composition. Making clever use of perspective, he offers the viewer a range of constant surprises as the eye picks out unexpected details.