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Access-ing Hybrid Events

This work­shop will explore how access, as a cre­ative, com­mu­ni­ty-build­ing tool, can dri­ve the artis­tic response to hybrid events.

Today the word hybrid is increasingly associated with events that can be simultaneously experienced online and offline. This integration of distinct, transformative influences from different contexts is widely practised in access work. In this workshop, we will explore how access, as a creative, community-building tool, can drive the artistic response to hybridity and hybrid events.

Together with Kevin Gotkin, a scholar, activist, and DJ, we will be planning an accessible hybrid night life event. Join us as we uncover the everyday tricks we may all have up our sleeve to bring in accessibility. Kevin’s learnings from recent parties will inform us throughout as we explore how the reflexive, collaborative nature of access work, like Audio Description, could be crucial for innovation in hybrid events.

About the Speakers
Kevin Gotkin |
Kevin Gotkin is an access ecologist, community organizer, and teacher. They received their Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 2018 and were a Visiting Assistant Professor of Media, Culture, & Communication at NYU from 2018–2021. From 2016–2019, they co-founded Disability/Arts/NYC with Simi Linton. More recently, they were an Artist-in-Residence at Het HEM in the Netherlands, lead steward of the REMOTE ACCESS nightlife series, and an inaugural cohort member of Creative Time's Think Tank.
Interloops: Reframing Collaboration
Caraboo Projects are really excited to invite you to ‘Interloops’. The series attends to what are often cast as obstacles in the relationships between collaborators, asking how they may actually be sources of creativity. Inspired by the innovative co-creative practices that have emerged in the last 18 months, these interactive workshops invite you to reframe the ethics, politics, and aesthetics of collaboration with the critical perspectives of artists. If you collaborate in any industry, we welcome you to bring along your experiences to this potlatch of reflections.

Interloops has been produced by Harshadha Balasubramanian and Caraboo Projects

This programme of events has been generously supported by Arts Council England
This talk will take place on Zoom, using video & audio, and you can participate during the Q and A session after the talk (either by voice or text chat). There will also be a BSL interpreter on this workshop.
The workshops will be recorded and available to view via our website following the event.
Main Image Description:
Against astigmatic club lighting - whooshing greens and blues and red - Who Girl is looking at the camera through a neon green ski mask that has been given a zhuzh: big tufted orange under-eyelashes, pink spherical gems around the mouth, big gold hoop earrings, and a long set of white beads that come out the top like hair, which they are playing with by draping around their shoulder (which was also the mode of transport because they were so seriously heavy). They are holding a glass with some kind of elixir. In the background, blurry, is a handsome babe named Cameron who takes care of Who Girl.