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A Thread in Time: Neolithic Weaving

Come and try your hand at weav­ing and cre­ate your own work to take home!

12/04/22 – 13/04/22
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See 5,000 year old loom weights (the oldest evidence of weaving in Europe - found near Exeter), and even have a go on our experimental replica Neolithic loom!

Weaving is one of the oldest crafts performed by humans, possibly dating back more than 30,000 years. From the wraps of Ancient Egyptian mummies to the enormous sails of Viking ships, from the prestigious silk of Asia and possibly even the spun cords made by Neanderthals, textile production is one of the most visible forms of the 'art that made us'.

But while we know that people in the past wore clothes, had bed linen and ship sails, the material itself rarely survives in the archaeological record. Which makes the discovery of clay loom weights near Exeter Airport really important. They are the oldest evidence of weaving in Europe and suggest that people here were weaving fabric over 5000 years ago.

To celebrate this incredible 'art that made us,' come along and try your hand at weaving using a cardboard loom and raffian. Speak to one of RAMM's curators about the fantastic discovery and even see the ancient loom weights with your own eyes. The Devon Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers will be on hand for you to see these experts at work and even have a going at making something on their looms yourself.

We also hope to have a replica Neolithic loom on hand to see how past people enjoyed this colourful craft and give you the opportunity to try it for yourself.

Part of the BBC's Art that Made Us festival. Find out more at BBC Art That Made Us Festival
A thread in time