A Darker Christmas by Jody Medland & Ruth Bateman

Local artists Jody Med­land and Ruth Bate­man have teamed up to cre­ate an exhi­bi­tion that puts a dark spin on Christmas.

02/12/23 – 16/12/23
Opening Times
Sun–Tue, Closed
Wed–Sat, 12:30 – 17:30
A Darker Christmas will display original pieces of work from people with a connection to Devon will shine a light on the hidden horrors that lurk at Christmas. It is not intended to take the fun out of Christmas, but rather bring attention to the many mental health conditions that are exacerbated by the holiday. And for those who are in pain, the exhibition aims to make it clear that they are not alone.

The organisers are still seeking pieces to include in the exhibition, and work can be of any discipline, so expect to experience music, poetry, soundscapes, paintings, illustrations, photos, light displays, films, models, poems, short stories, and maybe even live pieces of theatre.

All physical pieces will be available to purchase. And please head to Pen Work Media’s website

Dark Arts at Christmas | A Twisted Art Exhibition in North Devon
This December will see a unique art exhibition in Devon, raising awareness for those who suffer from a range of emotional and mental health issues at Christmas. should you be an artist wishing to submit your work.

There will be live panel discussions every Saturday with representatives from established charities discussing different themes of mental health issues arising at Christmas.