3 films

47˚C, Pseudotachylyte and Prosperous Mountain (15)

Three doc­u­men­taries direct­ed by Hei­di Morstang.

Sierra Nevada, California, 2019. World-leading climate change scientist Professor Camille Parmesan and evolutionary biologist Professor Michael C Singer have conducted fieldwork on the ecology and evolution on the Edith’s Checkerspot butterfly since 1968. The film is narrated through their investigations and discoveries during fieldwork, and is a glimpse into their lifetime dedication to this study. During their search for these vulnerable insects, we are presented with a microcosm universe seen in relation to global climate change patterns.

Supported by President Macron’s Make Our Planet Great Again Award to Camille Parmesan.

Filmed on location in Sierra Nevada, California, USA. June 2019

Director: Heidi Morstang, 2022
Running time: 25 mins

In the documentary, the filmmaker follows a group of geoscientists to the Lofoten Islands. She describes how Pseudotachylyte portrays scientists exploring seismic landscapes through the microscopic view of the world to an understanding of deep time.

“With Pseudotachylyte, director Heidi Morstang returns with a beautiful and deeply fascinating documentary that shows how outstanding research creates the foundation for existential truths about time, humanity and the globe we live on. With striking black-and-white images of wild and beautiful Northern Norway scenery and a curious look at the people who are eagerly exploring it, this is an educational and thought-provoking meditation on research and the past's ability to give us captivating insights into our own time.” Bergen International Film Festival 2019 (premiere screening of Pseudotachylyte)

Director: Heidi Morstang, 2019
Running time: 54 mins

Prosperous Mountain
Prosperous Mountain was filmed at Svalbard Global Seed Vault in the High Arctic, which archives duplicates of food crop seeds for future generations. The film presents the ecologically fragile landscape of the High Arctic where the vault is located and observes human interventions of mining, transport and global seed storage. From a detached distance, and without dialogue, the camera portrays the complexities of human interests that converge at this apparent beacon of sustainable futures that portentously foreshadows plant species extinctions.

Director: Heidi Morstang, 2014
Running time: 15 mins 49 sec
3 films