Thriving Neighbourhoods Residencies: Future Green Spaces

Join a com­mu­ni­ty of change mak­ers, spend time in/​with Knowle West & bring your unique prac­tice to co-cre­ate art­work in response to Future Green Spaces

The residency will happen alongside a neighbourhood science project exploring ways to connect green spaces and enhance biodiversity and wellbeing. This commission will allow an artist to be part of an ecosystem creating tangible glimpses of alternative futures in the making

We are looking for artists / creatives who work in socially engaged or participatory ways and want to explore, experiment and make artwork in and with the local community of Knowle West, contributing towards long term change. We invite you to bring your fresh perspective, skills and knowledge to learn from and work with the local community.

The Artist will receive a fee of: £3,000 inclusive of VAT, plus additional materials, travel and access budget.

Please find the full artist brief and short application form here: