Call for artists

Free Community Gallery Open Call

New gallery space is seek­ing artists to exhib­it their work for free

00:00 31/12/23
Contact Name
Jenny Harrison
Gallery brief:
Art100 is a brand new gallery space, run by Keep Art It, at 18-20 Broadmead in The Galleries Shopping Centre, Bristol. The gallery is centrally located in an experimental, collaborative space run by Artspace Lifespace and shared by Keep Art It, Hoard and Playback Arcade. Keep Art It’s mission is to “share art now,” therefore Art100 is a free community space for local artists to exhibit, and all pieces will be limited to a price of £100.

How it works:
All artworks must be in 2D format e.g. painting/drawing, and priced at £100 or less
Commission is split 60% to the artist, 30% to Art100, 10% to Artspace Lifespace
Each artist is allowed a maximum of 5 works displayed at any given time
We accept prints and photographs, but prefer original pieces

Artists’ responsibilities:
Writing the price tags
Dropping off their work at an agreed time
Photographing and hanging their work
Allow Art100 (Keep Art It) to include their work for promotional purposes
All works must either be swapped or collected at the end of 4 weeks
Artists must take responsibility for their own insurance

Art100 will:
Provide a free exhibition space for local artists
Promote and maintain the gallery space
Communicate with the artist regarding drop off/collection times
Provide a point of sale
Handle invoicing
Pay out commission within 2 weeks of any artwork sold
Any artwork not collected 2 weeks after the 4 week allocation will be disposed of