Survey: Impact of COVID-19 and Sector Support Measures on Freelance Visual Arts Workforce

CVAN and Earth­en Lamp have cre­at­ed a sur­vey to ask free­lancers their opin­ion on the emer­gency sup­port mea­sures put in place by ACE and HM Treasury.


Working as a unified front, CVAN and Earthen Lamp are working in association with a-n The Artists Information Company, Artists’ Union England, Artquest, Axisweb, Curatorspace, DACS and Guild to support the visual arts in its broadest sense. Together, these organisations want to understand how to best to deploy capacity and resources to prepare the sector for challenging times ahead.

Coordinating our efforts, and lobbying effectively for the sector, CVAN and Earthen Lamp hope to build an evidence base that advocates for artists and arts professionals who find themselves in a position of hardship.

Please complete our short survey and be sure to share it with anyone who has been impacted by the current crisis: