YP nose

Youth Panel: Making Sense

In a world that’s increas­ing­ly fast-paced, Mak­ing Sense asks you to slow down, using the 5 sens­es to find new feel­ings from new viewpoints.

The Youth Panel is a group of young people with enthusiasm for museums. They help to provide new and fresh perspectives whilst gaining work experience through the programming of exhibitions such as this one.

Taking pictures with mobile phone cameras to capture smaller details in the museum’s collection, this exhibition aims to promote everyday mindfulness, bringing focus to the photographer and the viewer. The Youth Panel hopes visitors will be able to find relaxation by using new technology to ground themselves within the museum and elsewhere.

Supported by:
The Youth Arts & Health Trust, Jo Blatherwick

The Youth Arts & Health Trust is an Exeter based charity providing arts therapies and creative arts activities for children, young people and their families to enable the development of skills, confidence and resilience.

Joe Blatherwick is a local photographer and facilitator who provides workshops in mindful photography for young people. He also provides wedding, family and commercial photography.

Curated and produced by:
RAMM Youth Panel:
Alex B, Alex P, Alex S, Flora, Imogen, Iona, Lucy, Nia, Nyah, Rosie, Ruby, Sam, Sophia, Zooey