Alice Sophie POSTER 2022 cornwall 365
Preview: Friday 22nd July 17:30 onwards, all welcome!
Penwith Gallery is delighted to introduce the first of our Young Penwith Artists exhibitions, a brand new opportunity for emerging talent based in the Penwith area of Cornwall. This show marks the debut exhibition, and we hope to make Young Penwith Artists a highlight in our annual programme. To launch this exciting new venture we are welcoming two local artists Sophie Fraser & Alice Ellis-Bray with their exhibition 'SUNDANCE'.

Alice Ellis-Bray (b. 1994) is an artist from Lamorna, Cornwall. She creates primarily with costume, painting, performance, and script to explore the infinite possibilities of identity.

Through learning the properties of nature and the nature of people, Alice seeks to portray an interconnectedness she has with all things.

Her self portrait series has supported her for years as an investigative process for catharsis.

Painting has assisted her as a tool to transmute stubborn emotions laying dormant within, and Alice will often paint the strength she needs in the eyes of her paintings. She finds her way through life with painting as her remedy.

Sophie Fraser was born in Canterbury, Kent in 1992 and grew up in West Cornwall where she has lived since. Her work surrounds ideas of the ever-changing landscape, full of strong colour and textural echoes. Working outdoors as well as in the studio; sketches, photographs, memory, and intuition are key within the development of her paintings. This evokes a sense of the landscape and the connections she feels within it in a semi-abstract manner.

“My work explores my relationship with the landscape. The aim is to capture my initial reaction to a scene and harness that feeling of energy. Something draws me into the landscape, and I want to capture my own connection with the dynamic surroundings. I wish to compel viewers into thinking about what a piece says to them, and induce their own, new relationship with the chosen subject.

I’ve always immersed myself in art, ever since I was little I’ve been fascinated with creating work and my own style. When I was about four I remember an artist asking me ‘would you like to be an artist when you grow up?’. I answered ‘I am an artist’ whilst submerged in several paintings. When creating a piece of art I feel a sense of natural purpose, and bringing something to the world that others might connect with in an individual, personal way, makes me feel alive.”
Alice Sophie POSTER 2022 cornwall 365