Yoshihiro Watanabe Elephants set 2 2021 Leaf sculpture Each piece is approx 5cm 2 inches Photo by Laura Hutchinson crop

Why We Linger : Jennifer Lauren Gallery, Site Festival 2024

Pas­sion­ate­ly cham­pi­oning self-taught, dis­abled, neu­ro­di­ver­gent and over­looked artists from around the world.

01/06/24 – 05/07/24
Opening Times
Sunday, 11:00 – 18:00
Mon–Wed, Closed
Thu–Fri, 10:00 – 15:00
Saturday, 11:00 – 18:00
Talk: Pay what you can: Free/ £4/£6
Passionately championing self-taught, disabled, neurodivergent and overlooked artists from around the world, the Jennifer Lauren Gallery is showcasing all the artists the Gallery represents in one display. Following its launch in London, Why We Linger features a diverse mixture of drawings, paintings, embroidery and ceramics.

Supported by Darbyshire Ltd

Opening Times

Opening Night : Friday 31st May 6-8pm

Thursdays-Saturdays 10am-3pm

Open Studios weekends 11am-6pm

Talk : 13th June 7pm in the gallery - Pay what you can: Free/£4/£6: book online here

Taking its title from an automatic drawing by Chris Neate, who says of the piece that people often “leave their imprint or essence on the present,” we would like you to linger over the works, observing the finer details, the delicate marks, the often-concealed messages that feature: in short, to feel the essence of the art.

You will see that Jennifer selects artists whose works often weave stories that evoke emotions and trigger heartfelt responses, and by lingering by each piece, you get to share in these unique and informative experiences that Jennifer so treasures.

Featured artists: Kate Bradbury, Joyce Davies, Shinya Fujii, Catherine Garrigue, Daniel Gonçalves, Hakunogawa, Naoki Hakuta, Miguel Ángel Hernando, Jesse James Nagel, Carlo Keshishian, Norimitsu Kokubo, Akio Kontani, Pradeep Kumar, Cara Macwilliam, Margaret Mousseau, Mohammed M'rabet, Chris Neate, Yuka Nohda, Masao Obata, Makoto Okawa, Valerie Potter, CJ Pyle, Nobuo Sasaki, Shinichi Sawada, Candice Swallow, Yoshihiro Watanabe, and Terence Wilde.

Jennifer Gilbert is a Manchester-based gallerist, freelance producer and curator. In 2017 she launched the Jennifer Lauren Gallery to internationally showcase self-taught, disabled, neurodivergent and overlooked artists, having previously spent years managing a national arts charity for under-represented artists. Jennifer is passionate about showcasing the voices and artworks of these artists to wider audiences, allowing their true artistic language to shine.


This exhibition is part of the Site Festival. Find out more on the link below
Yoshihiro Watanabe Elephants set 2 2021 Leaf sculpture Each piece is approx 5cm 2 inches Photo by Laura Hutchinson crop