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Where is my space? by Tracey Bowen

Dis­cus­sion on bias cod­ed into algorithms

Opening Times
17:00 – 18:00
Through ‘Where is my space?’, Tracey throws a much-needed spotlight on the disturbing prevalence of bias coded into algorithms. The session will start with a short film screening followed by a Q&A with Tracey, focussing on Racial Justice in Data & AI. In this online discussion, we take a moment to consider access to tech spaces for marginalised communities. We’ll explore where we go from here by introducing new voices to the conversation, dissecting the contributing factors, and asking how we can resist the spread of ‘racist robots’.

The film will start a conversation into the current provisions for inclusion and diversity in tech spaces in Bristol. It will examine how the well-publicised biases in AI, predominantly harming black lives, may add to the lack of inclusion for marginalised communities. Can we make the tech space more attractive for ‘others’?

Artist Bio

Artist and Data researcher, Tracey, is opening up her practise to address issues of inclusivity and bias in tech. Coming from a creative and technological background in Music, the interest in the field of AI and Data began with an introduction to blockchain technology 7 years ago. Having researched the use of technology in live performance, forming a cohort of creatives and technologists to fulfil the project objective, this foray into film explores the issues of racial justice and ethics in AI. Diversity and equitable solutions are now a central focus of her practice. The intention is to change the cultural landscape in technology and provide successful outcomes for all.

Access Information

BSL and live captioning for online events are available on request, please contact us in advance. Control Shift online events will take place across three different digital platforms: Zoom, BigBlueButton and YouTube. All of these platforms are compatible with common screen readers. After events, we will make transcripts and videos available online.

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Wheres My Space artwork original