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We Are Floating In Space

A group exhi­bi­tion by artists who have made work in Corn­wall and Devon, using ideas of the coast, or the mate­ri­als of the shoreline.

The exhibition looks beyond the tradition of seascapes to showcase artists who use the coast to address themes within their contemporary art practice. In particular, it’s the space between the tides; the area that is in constant flux between being land and being sea, the overlap, the layering, a constant state of fluidity. It is this otherworldly place that artists have used to express ideas and themes within their work, whether its grieving, gender identity, the queer body, childlessness not by choice, looking for one’s tribe, and is illustrative of environmental concerns.

The exhibition also includes artists who have used and transformed the materials of the coastline for their work; an oak stool from the submerged ancient woodland of Mount’s Bay, a silver spoon cast from a rock pool, sculptural hybrids, and chemigrams soaked in seawater, amongst others.

The lower gallery at Newlyn will host 'Cornish Maids', an exhibition-within-the-exhibition, curated by Fran Rowse, expanding on her Maids project and featuring other young female artists who explore the lived experiences of growing up in small coastal towns.

The twenty plus artists in the main exhibition include Delphi Baker, Simon Bayliss, Livvy Eden, Naomi Frears, Bryony Gillard, Christopher P Green, Anna Harris, Kitty Hillier, Fleur & Alastair Mackie, Rhys Morgan, Teän Roberts, Ro Robertson, Tanoa Sasraku, SHARP, Melanie Stidolph, Tom Stockley, Mary Trapp, Eleanor Turnbull, Huhtamaki Wab.
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