Indi­vid­ual art works by UK artists dis­played on a wash­ing line in the Aus­tri­an Tyrol. UK view­ing online only.

08/11/21 – 21/11/21
Wäscheleine is a real time show curated by G Bekken Wand of Volkskammer, Berlin in association with Test Space International.

Ten contemporary artists have been invited to display works on the curator's washing line at a temporary residence in the Austrian Tyrol. The only stipulation was that works were to be of a nature that could be hung on a normal strength washing line and that material be sent early enough to avoid the rigours of the Tyrolean winter.

The works submitted range in size from a few centimetres to several metres. Many, but by no means all, are textile based.

Because of continuing travel difficulties, work had to be submitted by mail and the show cannot be visited from the UK but instead will be viewable online via a series of Instagram posts from Volkskammer and Test Space. After the end date, all works will be viewable on the two organisation's websites

Artists showing work are: Chloe Langlois, Dinosaur Kilby, Olivia Parr, Harry Meadley, Helen K Grant, Mark Samsworth, Martyn Cross, Matt Benton, Tom Goddard and Zanne Andrea.
Sculpture Textiles