Image Views From The Boundary Layer

Views From The Boundary Layer

A pre­sen­ta­tion of work by Emma Yorke respond­ing to mul­ti­ple under­stand­ings of our expe­ri­ence of place.

‘Living within the boundary layer prolongs the window of opportunity for growth.’ Robin Wall Kimmerer

This body of work has grown out of many years of walking, wild swimming, collecting and paying close attention. Often revisiting the same sites over many years, and drawing on scientific data, memory, embodied experiences and the writings of others, Emma offers her own views of the places she holds dear. Working with painting, cyanotype, stitch and repurposed materials, each piece intertwines multiple stories learned through head, heart and hand.

Presented by Tebbs Contemporary in digital form, these pieces have been re-imagined for the digital space, offering something connected to, but materially different from, the original work. A parallel physical presentation of the work will take place from 11-13th July at the Gardens Gallery, Cheltenham.

Artist's Talk and exhibition tour 17/6 17.00