Manhandle 2020 Connor Shields
Public Art

Trespassed by Connor Shields

In his new solo show Tres­passed at Stu­dio KIND, Shields brings togeth­er a col­lec­tion of recent works which take influ­ence from con­struc­tion sites.

Connor Shields (b. 1997, Middlesbrough) is a visual artist whose practice sits predominantly between sculpture and installation. Through an amalgamation of found and created materials, Shields’ work develops as a sculptural response to experiences of growing up in a post-industrial town and formations of ‘masculine’ identity. 

His practice is an enquiry into the constructed nature of maleness through combinations of dichotomous materials. Concrete is a recurring material in his work, juxtaposed with other materials commonly associated with industry. An investigation of industrial materials realises a visually powerful dynamic in which ideas and experiences of ‘working-class masculinity’ are explored. 

The process of making is explorative, with works leaned, pressed, slumped, balanced and hung, often creating feelings of tension. Heavy objects are balanced and supported with softer, malleable materials. Shields’ works mostly consist of assemblages, adapting and responding to the spaces in which they inhabit, altering to their surroundings.

In his new solo show Trespassed at Studio KIND, Shields brings together a collection of recent works which take influence from construction and demolition sites we pass by daily. Through his work, influence is taken from the materiality and imagery that exist within these sites, with selected elements recreated into sculptural forms. Shields presents these sculptural sightings which he comes across, taking influence from their peculiarity and material combinations. 
Connor Shields is Leeds based, currently completing his MA in Fine Art at the University of Leeds in September 2023. Trespassed is an accumulation of works made during his duration on the course. 
Manhandle 2020 Connor Shields