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The Three Photographers: 2024 Exhibition

The Three Pho­tog­ra­phers, Bris­tol-based pho­tog­ra­phers, who come togeth­er for an exhi­bi­tion of their work at the Cen­tre­space Gallery.

01/03/24 – 06/03/24
Opening Times
Sun–Wed, 10:00 – 18:00
Thursday, Closed
Friday, 18:30 – 21:00
Saturday, 10:00 – 18:00
Ken Abbott

Are We There Yet?

Scenes from a Very British Queue

In September 2022, tens of thousands of people queued patiently for hours from Tower Bridge to Westminster Hall for the chance to spend two minutes viewing Queen Elizabeth lying in state. ‘Are We There Yet’ is a unique photographic record of the event and the people who joined this very British queue.

Jeremy Fennell

Nature’s Wonderful Chaos

Tales from a Meadow

My photos were taken in a part of the Blaise Estate in Henbury, Bristol known as ‘The Royals’ It’s an area of traditional meadowland which was once grazed and contains a dew pond constructed for use by cattle. During the lockdowns, walking in The Royals become an important part of my daily routine both physically & spiritually. These images were made throughout the changing seasons from 2020 to 2023 and highlight the random and seemingly chaotic beauty & mystery of the meadow.

Jean Hulford

Small Stuff

A Celebration of Insignificance

These images explore my fascination with apparently insignificant objects. As a child, I was intrigued by dolls’ house furniture, sea shells and tiny ornaments. As an adult, my much-loved macro lens has given me access to hundreds of creatures I never knew existed, as well as a different perspective on some more familiar objects. In these images, I’ve sought to communicate the delight I’ve felt in discovering and reigniting my lifelong love of miniature worlds.
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