1 Doha COP18credit Terry Jeavons

The Story of COP: a photo essay by Terry Jeavons

What goes on at a COP? This pho­to essay pro­vides a glimpse into the unique world that is the COP.

The prints cover a period of five years and were captured in Doha, Warsaw and Paris. The images show the venue, the formalities, the routines, the protests and the intense final negotiations to move the climate change arguments forwards. Arguments that will hopefully benefit the world and its people.

Terry Jeavons is interested in recording the way humans live and interact with their community and their environment. Although based in the UK, his work has taken him to many parts of the world including throughout Europe, the Middle East and the US, covering assignments as diverse as the UN Climate Change Conference to intimate portraits of artists at work.
1 Doha COP18credit Terry Jeavons