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Avebury Project

Ave­bury Project exhi­bi­tion at Pound Arts of site-spe­cif­ic work made by artists based at the flour­ish­ing artis­tic com­mu­ni­ty at Bath Artists Studios

The Avebury Project exhibition at Pound Arts Corsham, comprising site-specific work made by 16 artists based at Bath Artists' Studios who are inspired by the landscape, history and archaeology of the UNESCO Workd Heritage Site of Avebury. Project led by Fay Stevens.

Felicity Roma Bowers
Beverley Ferguson
Ian Harris
Ben Hughes
Rita Lazaro
Susannah Lemon
Charlotte Moore
Ewan Robertson
Jane Sheppard
Fay Stevens
Simon Taylor
Martin Ortiz de Taranco
Jez Truelove
Victoria Walters
Caroline Waterlow
Zoe Woolley

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