Pemberton Teresa Tempest oiloncanvas 100x100cm 3000 copy

Teresa Pemberton | Coastal Colour

Join us for the open­ing evening on Fri­day 3rd Novem­ber 17:30 onwards, all welcome!

‘Living by the coast I cannot help but study the sea and be inspired by its complex moods, its ever changing surprises and variety of colour.

I strive to make sense of the space between the natural idea of landscape and the creative response to it. At a painterly level the image may result in neither a literal nor an abstract expression; somewhere in between, a balance of truth and fiction.

My painting process is oil on canvas, often with additional collage and drawing to add texture or detail. Scraping through layers of paint allows light and special effects of weather and sky to show through, as well as bright splashes of garden or wild flowers or everyday objects from the shoreline or interior spaces.

In the end I hope that my paintings are alive and full of my passion for the excitement of colour.’

– Teresa Pemberton

Teresa Pemberton has exhibited widely after gaining a fine art degree at StAlbans/Hatfield. Her work can be found in the West Country in the Gallery Tresco, the Brownston Gallery and Create Cornwall.
Pemberton Teresa Tempest oiloncanvas 100x100cm 3000 copy