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Tent Talk I: Food systems, farming and land use

Acknowl­edg­ing the vital neces­si­ty of farm­ing, and explor­ing the com­plex­i­ties and nuances around the rela­tion­ship between farm­ing and oth­er land uses

Opening Times
11:00 – 17:00
The opening of Colin Robins & Oliver Udy: Anthology of Rural Life - Farmers of The Lizard provides an ideal opportunity to discuss relevant concerns for those living in, and visiting, our surrounding area.

This event is an acknowledgement of the vital necessity of farming to our lives, as well as a wish to explore some of the nuances and complexities around the relationship between farming and other uses of land.

We recognise that land use is a sensitive, as well as complex subject, encompassing apparently rival demands for food production, restoration of natural habitats, leisure and building sites etc.

Our speakers will offer a range of perspectives and solutions but they do not comprise a fully comprehensive line- up; nor will they reflect everybody’s position on these issues. You are invited to join the discussion.