Susan Thomas Exhibition 2022 FINAL POSTER

Susan Thomas ‘What Fun’ the best of times.

What Fun’ the best of times. Recent work depict­ing the life, land­scape and archi­tec­ture of Porth­me­or Beach and the Down­long area of St Ives.

From my mid-teens I knew I wanted to do something creative, with set design an original plan and then graphic design, before Edinburgh School of Art known at the time for its emphasis on drawing skills, introduced me to Furniture Design. A BA in 3-Dimensional Design at Leeds followed, and an Msc. in Sustainable Architecture much later.

It was only when I ‘ran away to St Ives’ 8 years ago now, that I found the time and space to revive the exiting and creative ways of thinking that I experienced as an art student.

Charcoal drawings You will notice there are a lot of drawings – which is a joy to do, finding a perch on a street corner or an easel on the beach with my back against Smeaton’s wall, charcoal on a step nearby and fixative at the ready before smudgy black fingers make their involuntary marks. I find you have to really, really know what you are seeing in order to draw it.

These images are often honed and usually simplified during the process of painting in the studio – now a delightful and ancient building in Norway Square.
Susan Thomas Exhibition 2022 FINAL POSTER