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Studio KIND. presents: 'Media, Matter and Energy' by Ian Andrews

Media, Mat­ter and Ener­gy is part of Ian’s The Sketch­book and the Col­lid­er series, devel­oped in col­lab­o­ra­tion with Pro­fes­sor Nikolopoulos.

Ian Andrews uses drawing to build equivalents between the visual forces inherent in the language of drawing and particle interactions explored within the field of particle physics. Both are elemental building blocks of these diverse specialisms that reveal a history of shared ideas on the nature of reality since the early 20th Century. Media, Matter and Energy is a new site-specific installation of large-scale drawings that explore the naturally occurring radioactive material that can be found in North Devon.

The exhibition showcases a site-specific installation that utilises the 17 foot high walls at Studio KIND. is as phenomenal to look at as it is to hear the science behind the work. 'Media, Matter and Energy' is accompanied by a series of free workshops for children and an artist talk on Saturday 21st.