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Talks & Seminars

Studio KIND. presents: Ian Andrews artist talk

Join Ian Andrews to dis­cuss his solo exhi­bi­tion at Stu­dio KIND. and the val­ue of trans-dis­ci­pli­nary col­lab­o­ra­tive work.

Artist Ian Andrews and Prof Kostas Nikolopoulos from the University of Birmingham, particle physics group have been collaborating for five years searching for equivalents between the language of drawing and the interactions of elemental particles. This has included exhibitions at the university Rotunda space following Andrews’ residency in 2018, an event at MAC Birmingham with dancer choreographer Mairi Pardalaki and a major exhibition and associated educational workshops at the Library of Birmingham in 2019.

'The Sketchbook and the Collider' involves hand-drawn books, light boxes, large drawings and moving image pieces exploring the “choreography” of particles as they transform, annihilate and decay and “Live” collaborative drawing events with members of the public “making marks” on a communal drawing surface.

The exhibition at Studio KIND. 'Media, Matter and Energy' takes advantage of the tall space and is a site-specific installation of enormous drawings based on the ATLAS detector at CERN attempting to fuse the huge scale of equipment needed for particle physics research with drawn equivalents to the quantum scale particle interactions.

All the works have been produced specifically for this show and for those who have already visited the exhibition there will be a chance to see pieces that were not included giving further insight into the working methods and relationship between the disciplines. Ian will also be giving some live demonstrations and sharing some videos about his work. It's bound to be an insightful and dynamic evening.

Saturday 21st August, 7-9pm

For more information about Media, Matter and Energy visit https://www.studiokind.org.uk/ian-andrews-media-matter-and-energy