Out In The Restless Saltmarsh SMALL

Entwined by Mike Snudden and Nicolette McGuire

Entwined is a col­lab­o­ra­tion of shared space between Mike Snud­den and Nico­lette Mcguire who met on the MA in Fine Art in Bris­tol in 2013.

Both come from very different backgrounds but grew up in rural settings, something that continues to influence their work today. With a strong focus on materials, both Nicolette and Mike explore wilderness and feral childhoods, and the physicality of these memories, recalling both past and recent experiences, but the presentation of their work unfolds very differently from one another.

Nicolette’s work comes from walking alone on beaches, collecting, drawing and photographing. She becomes immersed in place; being in them rather than looking from the outside, noticing both the whole and the minute details, making groups of work that speak to each other. “The materials I use, the places I walk, drive the work. I document collected objects, ordering, re-ordering, altering. In mapping the places I return myself to the feeling of being there. Immersed in the work. Lost in solitude. I feel completely alive.”

Mike Snudden brings together a collision of experiences of rural space and architectural shapes. The early experiences of rural isolation and of the wildlife that inhabited this landscape - fish, birds and nests - continues to inform his relationship with material, structure and form. ‘I make with materials I want to grasp, to do something with. I want to handle them, build them, push them together, pull them apart’. More recently the works have grown in size, and in doing so their own relationship with architecture emerges, expanding to become spaces to negotiate, to move around within - they are immersive environments.

Nicolette McGuire is a multidisciplinary artist. She completed a Foundation in Barnstaple and BA Fine Art in South Wales and simultaneously taught Art and Design in FE and University, ran workshops, published a book, and subsequently set up a flag design company, Isca Flags. In 2016 she completed an MA Fine Art in Bristol and has exhibited around London and the South West.

Mike Snudden is a sculptor who completed an Art Foundation in Salisbury in 1976. After drifting away from art he then went on to train as a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist. Mike works in the NHS and in private practice. He went on to complete an MA in Fine Art at UWE Spike Island Bristol in 2016 and exhibits in the South West.

@frizenhamsculpture www.mikesnuddensculpture.com

@mcguirenicky www.art.nicolettemcguire.uk