Steven Platt | CHALETSCAPE

Join us for the open­ing night on Thurs­day 2nd March 17:30 onwards, all welcome!

CHALETSCAPE | A solo exhibition of paintings by Steven Platt.

The chalets at Riviere Towans in Phillack have been part of the coastal landscape since the 1920s. Nestled amongst the dunes and grasses of Riviere Towans, the large windows of the chalets absorb the magnitude of the striking view of St Ives Bay. This exhibition explores how the chalets influence our perception of the landscape.

Exploring the chalets ‘as’ the landscape and how they occupy their space with others within their environment is an important aspect of the exhibition. For me, the ‘scape’ in a painting can be created by multiple chalets, one chalet, part of a chalet, or even just a shadow. A glimpse of St Ives bay’s seascape through a chalet, leaving the rest to the viewers imagination has inspired many of the paintings.

The way the paintings are expressed is a response to what is being portrayed, some are sketchy and energetic, others are precise and detailed. I enjoy the experimental aspect, looking at texture, bold compositions, strong graphic and in some cases mixing figurative and abstract. This exhibition is collection of varied works which I hope you will enjoy.