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Stateless by Joli Vyann

BEAF has com­mis­sioned Boscombe-based, dance com­pa­ny Joli Vyann, who will be per­form­ing State­less’ their awe-inspir­ing fusion of dance circus.

23/06/23 – 24/06/23
£12-20. All proceeds will go to Bournemouth Foodbank.
BEAF has commissioned Boscombe-based, dance company Joli Vyann, who will be performing their awe-inspiring fusion of dance circus with participants from our Seeking Refuge Project. Combining voices from the refugees with the experimental sounds from Japanese composer, Nao Masuda, playing live on the Taiko drums with Iranian musician Babak Barbod.

Based on their original work Stateless, Joli Vyann fuses the energy of hand to hand acrobatics and Cyr wheel with graceful contemporary dance to create a captivating style of physical performance. Stateless explores the topical subject of immigration, humanity and tolerance, taking audiences on an emotional journey into the lives and fate of people forced to leave their country of birth.

The soundtrack to Stateless includes spoken word excerpts of real-life interviews with refugees, which Joli Vyann have met and talked to about their experiences of displacement, and being torn away from their homes by political circumstances.

Fri 23 & Sat 24 June, 7pm-8pm
The whole ticket price goes as a donation to the Bournemouth Foodbank, the more you give the more we raise for their amazing work. Eventbrite’s fee is excluded in the donation.
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