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Hybrid worlds lay­ered with audio, text, and video works SPUR.WORLD envelopes its view­er with­in a series of artist-gen­er­at­ed landscapes.

Hybrid worlds layered with audio, text, and video works SPUR.WORLD envelopes its viewer within a series of artist-generated landscapes.
About this event
Come join us at D-Unit to see a series of hybrid worlds layered with audio, text, and video works under the name of SPUR.WORLD. It envelopes its viewers within a series of artist-generated landscapes, fueling the instinctual desire for escapism, play, and a brief moment outside of our physical selves.
At D-UNIT the exhibition will take a physical form, and celebrates the end of the 16 month project and UK online tour. This special event on the 7th August will feature live performances by SPUR artists Elijah Kennedy, Jordan Edge, Zhang 00 as well as DJ and further performances and entertainments to be announced.
Zhang OO, Sade Arellano, Nicholas Delap, Emma Dolan, Jordan Edge, Arieh Frosh, Benjamin Hall, Yifan He, Elijah Kennedy, Nayu Kim, Kerolaina Linkevica, Niamh Lynch, Kinnari Saraiya, and Ellie Towers.
Across workshops, collaboration, and mentorship the fourteen SPUR residents explored the worldbuilding boundaries of their digital practice through a pseudo identity. In the culmination of this period of research and exchange, SPUR.WORLD employed the avatars’ speculative look in forming digital identity and environment.
Consisting of fourteen virtual worlds, the online exhibition represented the subconscious domain of the residents' custom avatars. Working within themes and representations of mysticism, ritual, and the natural world, the collective utilises game engine technology to form complex yet cohesive narratives.
Housed within SPUR.BOT, a software derived creature with tentacles expanding throughout the network, the exhibition expanded from its unearthly central hub. Nebulous and unbound the viewer navigates the space by interacting with a series of avatar generated icons. The access points to new worlds, the selected icon teleports the viewer to a plane of the avatar’s subconscious.
Developed in Unity, a cross-platform 3D game engine, each world is constructed as a three-dimensional interactive environment. Building from traditional methods of Live Action Role Play (Larp) and Real Game Play (RGP) the exhibition unfolds as the viewer moves through its varied realms.
SPUR Website: www.spur.world
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