Open Studios

Site Festival 2024

Site Fes­ti­val is an annu­al pro­gramme of artist-led projects; events, exhi­bi­tions, talks and direc­to­ry of Open Stu­dios in the Stroud district.

01/06/24 – 30/06/24
Opening Times
Sunday, 11:00 – 18:00
Mon–Fri, Closed
Saturday, 10:00 – 18:00
Open Studio weekends : 8th-9th June and 15th-16th June 2023 11am -6pm

Exhibitions and Events: 1st -23rd June

Site Festival is an annual programme of artist-led projects; events, exhibitions, talks and directory of Open Studios in the Stroud district; established in 1997. There is always a wide range of events, and there is something for everyone.

Open Studios is part of the wider programme of Site Festival, allowing artists to explore, develop projects and open their work up to the public.

You can find the Site Festival 2024 programme to see the variety of events taking place at You can find the Site Festival 2024 programme to see the variety of events taking place at:

Introduction written by Ruby Kester - Artist, Poet, Writer

“SVA first entered my awareness in a big way at 15, after which I immediately did everything I could to be involved in the fantastic programme of events they offer, including joining their youth arts collective, Mould. Reflecting now on the past 10+ years I find myself here once again, this time with a studio and taking part for the first time in the SITE Festival.

The calibre and density of Stroud’s art scene is unparalleled, and is at its most vibrant during the SITE Festival. Not limited to the heart of the town, all through the five valleys artists open up their spaces to the public and it becomes once again apparent that, from the farthest flung garden studio to the nearest spare room, we are surrounded by talent.

This is an opportunity to explore all of Stroud and its surroundings, to meet new people, to share ideas, to buy affordable art from the source…

What more could you want? Enjoy it!