Simon Averill, 'Entanglement'

Ani­ma Mun­di are proud to present Entan­gle­ment’, an ambi­tious solo exhi­bi­tion by Simon Aver­ill inspired by the prin­ci­ple of Quan­tum Entanglement’.

Anima Mundi are proud to present ‘Entanglement’, a project that Simon Averill has been working on since 2016 and has grown to include over 140 paintings. Each painting has a singular and distinct luminosity achieved through many many glazed layers which are best experienced in the flesh to appreciate the micro and macro quality of his endeavour.

The ambitious project is inspired by the principle of 'Quantum Entanglement’, explained here by physicist Michio Kaku: "There is a cosmic "entanglement" between every atom of our body and atoms that are light-years distant. Since all matter came from a single explosion, the big bang, in some sense the atoms of our body are linked with some atoms on the other side of the universe in some kind of cosmic quantum web. Entangled particles are somewhat like twins still joined by an umbilical cord (their wave function) which can be light-years across. What happens to one member automatically affects the other, and hence knowledge concerning one particle can instantly reveal knowledge about its pair. Entangled pairs act as if they were a single object, although they may be separated by a large distance”.

The paintings are worked on in pairs, as they progress the connection can become more or less explicit, importantly these pairs become seperated. Visitors and collectors are then encouraged to form their own pairings, creating new diptychs in meditation that all things throughout the universe are connected.