The Dawn of the Mountains f

Shards of Memory

This exhi­bi­tion is a reflec­tion of my tech­ni­cal work and of my emo­tion­al journey.

29/04/22 – 05/05/22
Opening Times
Sun–Wed, 11:00 – 17:00
Thursday, Closed
Fri–Sat, 11:00 – 17:00
The pieces shown are a product of my technical research on the inter
I work with mixed means – watercolours, pencils, acrylics and ink on paper. These means allow me to break down the objects I represent into planes of light and space, and to portray the different layers and densities of my subjects and landscapes. It is as if looking at the world through a shattered glass; I see how light is fragmented by the various shards, and I represent it that way.
As I aim to capture the relationship(s) between subjects and their surroundings, my artworks are free of what is called ‘negative space’.
I first explored this in the depiction of animals. As I worked on my animal series, I was particularly fascinated with the exchange of energy between animals and what/who surrounds them. I then extended this vision to my representation of landscapes, and in particular seascapes, to which myself and some of my core memories are deeply attached.
The Seascapes series explores the relations between elements, substances and light, and the emotions that are provoked in the viewers.
Recently, I have focused my pieces on what the Japanese call Ukiyo-e, or ‘floating world’. The spaces and landscapes I create represent beautiful and fleeting moments, and are crafted to inspire a sense of calm and safety in the viewer.
The Dawn of the Mountains f