Hepworth at Trewyn Studio 1957 Photo width 1200
Talks & Seminars

SEMINAR: Hepworth & Motherhood

Join us to explore new per­spec­tives around the nar­ra­tive of women artists, in rela­tion to moth­er­hood, child­less­ness and expe­ri­ences of grief.

Join us to explore new perspectives around the narrative of women artists, in relation to motherhood, childlessness and experiences of grief.

Inspired by the major exhibition and publication Barbara Hepworth: Art and Life this event focuses on under-represented perspectives on motherhood to consider how this might affect the making and understanding of art works.

How do we consider narratives about art through experiences of motherhood that include grief and childlessness not by choice?

This discursive event will feature artists, writers and art historians sharing stories and perspectives on how we interpret art through an artists' biography and how we are enabled or challenged in bringing our own experience as audiences to it.

Refreshments and lunch provided.

The event is programmed in partnership with the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art.
Hepworth at Trewyn Studio 1957 Photo width 1200