Sean Hewitt Black Hole Sun Soundgarden acrylic on canvas

Sean Hewitt | Lost in Music

Join us for the open­ing night on Fri­day 25th August 17:30 onwards, all welcome!

"I bought my first record in 1964, it was a 7” single by The Pretty Things and I remember it very vividly as although I was only nine years old it was not long after Kennedy was assassinated late in the previous year. Most of us can possibly document the journeys our lives have taken by certain songs and music. I’ve spent a lifetime collecting music mostly on vinyl and in many ways it’s the soundtrack of my life.
I’ve always responded to that music through an emotional reaction into colour, shape and composition. When I hear certain songs I see the painting I’ve created. When I look at the painting I hear the song playing in my head. The two become inextricably entwined.

The dominant element of my work is that most magical of shapes – the circle. Often appearing as the obvious feature in these lyrical ‘abscapes’ – sometimes solar – sometimes lunar but more often than not though, the representational symbol of the vinyl discs so play such a huge emotional aspect of my journey.

These paintings are selection, a playlist if you like, of some of the key songs in the path of my life. "

- Sean Hewitt
Sean Hewitt Black Hole Sun Soundgarden acrylic on canvas